Flavour categories

In the essential olive oil flavour categories are listed the following:

• Full body and earthly tones: Strong and unsweetened taste with peppery elements.

• Fruity and peppery: Intense oil flavour with pepper aftertaste.

• Fruity with fresh herbs elements: With a "nose" that reminds of grass and mountains.

• Light "nose" and buttery: Discreet.

The sensory characteristics of olive oil are affected and depend on dozens of factors apart from the pedigree and variety of tree, such as fruit quality, method and storage of fruits after harvest, the way of juicing, the geography of the grove, the time of fruit harvest, the time and manner of storage of olive oil until use.
In a country where the average annual olive oil consumption per person reaches 20 kilos, in a country which is at the top of the world both in consumption and production, it is necessary to familiarize consumers with the full range of its production.

It is essential to distinguish olive oils from their qualitative and taste characteristics and, of course, realize that not all olive oils are the same, have the same value and that certainly cannot be used uncritically to all foods! 

A "cellar" made of different, very interesting and quality Greek olive oils is always of interest and can provide new taste experiences and pleasures.